Exhibitions / Publications
2017 – “In between” in Vancouver
2013 – “Mi Buenos Aires” in Tokyo
Group: (Selected)
2017 – “West Coast Homeland” in Vancouver
2016 – “Dreamlike landscapes” in Athens
2015 – “Eros” in Vancouver
2014 – “Autumn salon” in Vancouver
2013 – “Summer salon” in Vancouver
Online: (Selected)
2018 – Shoot The Frame -Shoot the land 2017 finalist
2017 – “Snow exhibition” @ Lenscratch
2016 – “Wonder-full” @ F-stop magazine

Born and raised in Japan. After living/traveling many places – including my inner world – I am now settling down in Vancouver, Canada.

A dreamer, who has a relationship with Sky, Sea, and Clouds, who often forget the world. A novice yet passionate Tango learner.

I don’t dislike rainy days. Absolute feeling driven…Perfectly imperfect.

I capture moments as they are…and as I see them through the feelings they evoke in me.

I am a photographic artist.


Limited/unlimited editioned prints
Printing on archival art papers. Most photographs seen in Gallery / My world on mute are available in different sizes/materials. For professional mounting/framing/Enlarged print for your wall – please contact me for further inquiries or also visit HERE, some of my works are listed.

Photographic services – portrait session
I offer a limited number of portrait sessions each month, under the service name of “Bohemian’s eye”.

Curators & Art Dealers
I’m always interested in group/solo exhibition opportunities.

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